RaterNow Online Rewards

Stay ahead of competition by starting your own loyalty program for your online shoppers. With RaterNow Online Rewards, your customers will earn points every time they purchase at your online website. Simply integrate your checkout experience by writing a small piece of code.

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API Documentation

Online Customer Loyalty Journey

Once you setup your Rewards Program and integrate your checkout experience with RaterNow, your customer loyalty journey will be realized as follows.

Step 1

Customer Earns Points

On Order confirmation page, customers will see a unique QR or a link to instantly earn points on their REWO Rewards app.

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Step 2

Customer Redeems Points

On customer order preconfirmation page, customer will enter a redemption code generated by REWO Rewards app to avail discounts.

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Step 3

Customer Earns More Points

Every time customer purchases online by redeeming points, he earn more points and comes back to redeem more. Its a win-win!

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Customer earns points

Once you have setup your rewards program and integrated your checkout experience with RaterNow, your customers will see the below on their order confirmation page.

- if customer shopped using a mobile device, he will see a link and a QR. When he clicks on the link, customer will be redirected to REWO Rewards app and points will be added. Customer will be auto registered to the program.

- if customer shopped using a desktop or laptop, he will see a QR. Customer will download REWO Rewards app (if not already installed in his mobile device) and scan the QR to register and earn points.


Customer Redeems Points

Customers can redeem points to avail predetermined discount or free gifts on your online website.

To redeem, customer simply presses the redeem button on REWO Rewards app, chooses the number of points to redeem, and presses "ONLINE" button to redeem online.

The app then generates and displays a redemption code which can be entered by customer in the "enter redemption code" input box on your already-integrated check out page. When customer clicks "Apply", your website will send this redemption code to RaterNow server. The RaterNow will send back the amount (in currency setup in your rewards program) to be discounted. Your website will accordingly provide the discount on customer's final bill. Once order is processed, your website will send a request to RaterNow server to mark the redemption code as used so that customer cannot use it again.


Customer Earns more Points

The more customer redeems, the more he earns, and the more he returns to shop at your website. The growth in your sales will be displayed on your rewards dashboard.