RaterNow Marketplace Rewards

Are you a seller on a peer-to-peer selling website? Do you have a sales or distribution team which sells outdoors (door-to-door)?

Encourage your customers to buy from you more often by offering them loyalty points every time them buy from you. Simply create distributable single-use QR points using Rater Merchants app and send it to your customers via email or along with the delivered item. Customers just need to scan the code and earn their points.

Customer Loyalty Journey

Once you setup your Rewards Program (takes around 10 minutes), your customer loyalty journey will begin as follows.

Step 1

You deliver Points

Generate a points QR from Rater Merchants app based on the purchase amount and send it to your customer via email or as part of your package delivery.

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Step 2

Customer Earns Points

Customer scans the QR you delivered to earns points.

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Step 3

Customer Redeems Points

After customer earns enough points, he can redeem points to generate a redemption code. He shares with you the redemption code to avail redemption.

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Step 4

Customer Earns More Points

You use the Rater Merchants app to validate the redemption code and offer discount to customer.

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You deliver points to customer

Once you register and setup your Rewards Program, you will download the Rater Merchants app. Every time a customer makes purchase from you, you will generate a Single-Use QR in the Rater Merchants app by entering the bill amount. Customer can scan this QR to earn points.

You will share this QR code with the customer in any means you wish. You can send it via, email, whatsapp, messenger or deliver to them along with your item delivery.


Customer earns points

Once customer has received the Single-Use QR, he will scan this QR in the REWO Rewards app to earn the points. Customer will be auto enrolled into your reward program when he scans this QR.


Customer Redeems Points

Customers can redeem points to avail predetermined discount or free gifts once they have earned enough points.

To redeem, customer simply presses the redeem button on REWO Rewards app, chooses the number of points to redeem and presses "ONLINE" redemption button. The app generates a redemption code which customer shares with you.


You Accept Redemption

Once customer sends you the redemption code, you enter it in your Rater Merchants app and press "Verify". RaterNow platform validates the redemption code and asks you whether you want to mark is as used. You mark the code as used and provide customer with the discounts. Once marked used, the redemption code cannot be used by customer again.