Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales across all channels with our Rewards and Loyalty Platform.

With RaterNow Rewards Platform, you can create your own Rewards and Loyalty Program that rewards your customers at all customer touchpoints - store, online & on-the-field.

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"My sales from repeat business has improved significantly after launching a loyalty program with RaterNow. Whats cool is that it was very easy to setup!"- Hannah

"Our outlets needed a loyalty program so we used RaterNow to create one. Glad we did as its been working great for us!"- Shushant


RaterNow Rewards Platforms

Whether you have a physical store or an online business, accept payments online or do cash-on-delivery, meet customers at store or distribute products on the field, RaterNow's Rewards Platform offers you cloud software and tools that enable you to operate your own Loyalty Program on any communication channel.

Store Rewards

Launch a loyalty program for your physical store .

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Online Rewards

Launch a loyalty program for your online shopping website.

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Marketplace Sellers

Loyalty platform for Online sellers using peer-to-peer websites/apps and online marketplaces.

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Event Management

Increase number of signups at marketing events with RaterNow Rewards platform.

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Store Rewards

With our powerful but easy to use cloud platform, your physical stores can launch and run their own rewards and loyalty program. Customers earn points using REWO Rewards mobile app. Your store assistants can authorize rewards points using Rater Merchants app or entering using a store code.

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Online Rewards

Thrill your online customers and build customer loyalty by rewarding them with discounts every time they shop at your website. Help them track their reward points and bring them back to your site for more shopping.

Integrate your online shopping website with RaterNow Rewards platform to treat your online shoppers with online reward points every time they shop at your website.

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Marketplace Rewards

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Have a business where customers do not make payments online or at a physical store? With RaterNow, your customers can earn and redeem points wherever the payments happen. Send customers their points generated via Rater Merchants app on email, in your deliver parcel, or through your distributors or on-the-field sales personnel. Accept redemption codes via any channel to give discounts.


Outdoor Marketing Events

Get more customers to signup during your outdoor marketing events by getting them registered to your Rewards Program and providing points on signup.

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RaterNow Sales Growth Estimator

Use the sales growth estimator to estimate the increase in your customers, transactions and sales after you start your loyalty program.

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RaterNow Feedback Platform

RaterNow helps you generate, manage and obtain customer feedback surveys from your customers. Use valuable customer feedback to improve your customer service and get repeat customer sales.

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Rater Mobile apps

Your Loyalty Card on Customer's Smart phones

REWO Rewards App

One App, Multiple Rewards


Great looking Loyalty Cards

Earn and Redeem points

View points accumalated

Provide feedback to stores

Get latest discounts and promotions




Rater Merchants

App for Business owners


Offer points to customers

Verify Redemption codes

Send points to customers through email, sms, whatsapp and other social platforms

Mark redemption codes as utilized

Use at events to generate leads

Provide individual access to store managers